Katrina Kenny Artist

artist, palaeo-artist ,designer

artist, palaeo-artist ,designer

artist, palaeo-artist ,designer artist, palaeo-artist ,designer
Devonian tetrapod illustration for Nature paper, :"Elpistostege watsoni"

About Me


Long ago and far away

In my past lives I have been a sculptor and a ceramicist, and  for some years I have been painting.

Now I am immersed in the challenges of digital art, particularly digital sculpting to reconstruct fossils. 

It is the fusion of science and art that I  find so compelling and utterly addictive!

I am fortunate to be able to go on fossil digs twice a year with the South Australian Museum, and have met the most amazing people.


Palaeo Art-Methods and Madness!

Working from real life and photos and academic papers , consulting and collaborating with palaeontologists from around the world, I  reconstruct and bring to life some of the most interesting and  enigmatic creatures from the past. 

I use Zbrush and Photoshop as well as traditional mediums, like pen and paint.

Cambrian fossil, Redlichia takooensis

Curious, eclectic, full of wonder

Art, literature, science, the natural world, inspiration is everywhere,

from the wing of a insect to the 510 million year old impression of a Cambrian trilobite.

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I love the challenge of new projects and working with palaeontologists all around the world.

 My Instagram page has images of my work and my inspirations .

Katrina Kenny Artist